Attention Currently Looking to Hire Closers with a Proven Track record of High Ticket Outside Sales Experience, Who Would Like to Make an Average of $2,500-$3,500 Per Week with Guaranteed Solid Pre-Qualified Appointments Who Have Responded to our T.V. Commercials.


Do NOT Apply to this Position if you;

Have less than 6 months of outside sales experience.

Have never had a sales job on a commission basis before

Do not have a valid drivers license and reliable transportation

Do not have proof of current auto insurance

Do not have a smart phone

Do not have U.S. citizenship with a valid social security card



If you do in fact have at least 6 months of outside sales experience, then are you finally ready for your Easy Turn-Key Payday Outside Sales Dream Job?

If so then go ahead and dive into the details by clicking the link below and watch the explainer video to find out exactly what this Turnkey Payday Outside Sales Dream Job Offers!

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And if your experience has mainly been a hard grind sales job, have you ever been at work and thought, “I really wish I could do something else?

 Or maybe you really like your sales job but yet still may wonder if there is another sales job out there that you could do to make more money and easier?

How about running credit approved T.V. and internet leads who call in requesting an appointment for someone to come meet with them.

But wait!

When potential customers call after seeing the commercials, we actually pre-approve their credit first before we agree to send a sales representative to their homes. So therefore YOU will never run a more qualified appointment.

Not only will we provide you with everything you need to make money including pre-approved appointments with potential customers who are ready to buy today, but also the gas money to run them. And that’s in addition to the substantial commission you earn per sale.

Our lead generation department works to provide sales rep with at least 2-3 credit pre-approved appointments every day.

The leads are all inbound callers who are rock solid. Even an average closer typically closes at least 40-50% of every appointment. And keep in mind the average commission is about $600-$800 per sale.

Do the Math!

IMMEDIATELY AVG $2,500-$3,500 a week!

If you are a seasoned sales Pro who is interested in creating HUGE and IMMEDIATE CASHFLOW then you’re urged to take immediate and profitable advantage of this Easy sales opportunity.

And if you are someone with the outside sales experience we are looking for who is also dependable with a good work ethic and want to make money NOW, then definitely look no further because this is the REAL DEAL!

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No Hype!

No Come-On and No Gotcha!

Bottom line if you have what it takes and you’re talking Desire and Motivation, then we’re talking Big Money and Success.

Keep in mind  that all new hired sales representative are required to go through an intense 2 ½ day training class.  And the company pays for the hotel expense for those new hired sales representatives that live more than 50 miles away from the training class cities.

There are over 80 markets and 10 training cities with up to 4 training classes per week.  And all 10 training cities are within a few hours of almost all the sales markets or hiring cities.

 Currently we are hiring new sales representatives in the following cities and their surrounding areas. And therefore applicants must live in or around within 2 hours of one of the following hiring cities.

And our hiring process is short, simple and efficient. No Cover letter or resume required.

However you will need to complete a brief questionnaire to make sure you meet all the requirements and if so, then you will be provided with the job hot line to call right away for a phone interview as the first step toward getting you started.

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Please complete the above Employment Questionnaire first, then afterwards call the following Job Hot-line for a phone interview. 


Also regardless if you are hired or not, just for taking the time to check out our employment opportunity and also complete the brief questionnaire, you will receive a FREE E-Book entitled How to Be a Sales Superstar” which will definitely help you have more financial success in your sales career.